Materials Delivery Price List

We offer ‘Free Delivery’ within 25 miles of Zip Code 02466, and a minimum purchase of $89.00.

Unused returned boxes will be given a 100% refund.

Boxes returned to our warehouse in acceptable condition for resale will be given a 25% refund.

PLEASE NOTE: The prices below are for delivery ahead of your move date. These prices are highly discounted. Packing materials provided from our truck on the day of the move will be charged at our regular prices.

  • Book box. (1.5 cu. ft.)   $2.50
  • Linen box (3.1 cu. ft.)  $3.30
  • Linen box (4.5 cu. ft.)  $3.50
  • Linen box (6.1 cu. Ft.)  $4.40
  • China/Dish box  (Heavy duty double wall crush proof )   (4.5 cu. Ft)   $5.50
  • Wardrobe box w/hangar bar  $13.25
  • Wardrobe box/hangar bar (rental)  $8.00
  • Picture Box   $4.40 (Inner & outer boxes can combine to adjust length for long pictures and mirrors. Order inner & outer separately.)
  • Roll of tape   $2.75
  • Mattress Cover, new (king size