We want to help you be prepared come move day. Help ensure that everything goes smoothly by following this checklist which we have created based on years of experience helping our customers move.

Right Now

  • Make sure you have reviewed, agreed to and returned your move confirmation either on your customer account page, by email or by US Mail

  • Research Liability Coverage – to purchase coverage, please visit our partner, MovingInsurance.com

2-4 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Book elevators and make arrangements to have a truck parked in front of both locations – for example, some urban areas may require you to obtain a parking permit from the city

  • Start packing items that you will not need until after your move. It’s best to pack room by room – one room per day per person makes things easier.

  • Call utility companies to notify them of your move and to ensure you will have service at your new home

  • Get packing supplies: boxes, tape, paper/bubble wrap for delicate items. We offer free delivery of boxes and materials to you, just call us or send us an email.