The Top 10 Worst Moving Disasters

#10: "Hey, Aren't We Forgetting Something?"

Mattresses On Lawn

#9: "We Thought We Knew How To Put it Back Together"

Broken Pool Table

#8: "Hey, The Electricity Just Went Out!"

Moving Truck Takes Out Electricity

#7: "But the GPS Says it Should Be Right Here!"

U-Haul in a dump

#6: "We Couldn't Fit it All In the New Place"

furniture in pile on lawn

#5: "We Were Running Late and These Cars Got in Our Way"

Crash On Way to Customer

#4: "Ooops"

Broken LCD TV

#3: "The Truck Seems So Much Lighter All of a Sudden..."

#2: We Thought We Were Strong Enough"

#1: Hey, Where Did That Bridge Come From???

Truck Too Tall for Bridge

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