Long Distance Moving

Oscar’s Moving Company moves around the entire country. From Florida to Texas to California, we can get your belongings there on time and on YOUR schedule.

Because we do not sub-contract out our long distance moves, we are in possession of your goods for the entire time it takes to arrive at your new home. We can also coordinate a delivery date with you based on what works for YOU.

Just give us a call or fill out our Moving Estimate Calculator form and we will be in touch right away.

Here are a few tips if you are considering an interstate move:

1. Downsize your belongings: When it comes to a long-distance move, the cost of your move will include the weight of any items you need to ship. Consider downsizing your belongings to save money.

2. Label the moving boxes: Labeling your boxes will help you keep track of what’s inside each box and make unpacking easier.

3. Move out of season: Moving during peak season can be more expensive. Consider moving during off-peak season to save money.

4. Moving expenses are tax-deductible: If you’re moving for work, some of your moving expenses may be tax-deductible.

FYI: FMCSA’s Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move

Long Distance Moving